Custom Build Homes

Custom build homes guide to building your own house and what the advantages of custom build are as oppossed for other traditional house build routes. Before you start reading here you may want to read our introduction to self build and custom build homes in the UK on our building your own house page.

Do you want to build your own house, but lack the time, know-how and experience to tackle such a project? If so, custom build homes may just be the thing for you.

In a recent Government report titled Laying the Foundations: A Housing Strategy for England it was stated that;

The Government wants to make building your own home a mainstream housing option – an affordable way of building a place people are proud to call home. Our immediate aspiration is to unlock the growth potential of the custom homes market and double its size over the next decade, to create up to 100,000 additional Custom Build Homes over the next decade and enable the industry to support up to 50,000 jobs directly and indirectly per year.

The Planning ProcessFinancing A Self-build/Custom Build ProjectFinding A Plot

Being involved in building your own home has a number of advantages;

  • Exercise freedom of choice on virtually all aspects of the design and build and create a home unique to you and your family.
  • A house and location chosen specifically by you rather than where housebuilders happen to be building new homes.
  • Make significant financial savings – custom builders tend to save between 10% and 20% compared with buying a similar house (if there is one) from a housebuilder.
  • Design and build a home to suit your lifestyle and expanding family requirements. This avoids the extra cost of customising an existing home to suit your needs.
  • A home at a specification and cost that is not generally available in the market place.
  • You can build a more energy efficient sustainable home with the bonus of low running costs – again not currently widely available in the market place.
  • Experience an amazing sense of satisfaction and be reminded of your achievements every day.
  • Create your dream home – or realise a profit!

Whilst very rewarding, the task of creating your dream home can be quite daunting and onerous.

Recently a self-builder from a case study on The Self Build Portal was quoted;

Don’t assume that you can do everything.  Phil thought he would be able to carry out the roles of Designer, Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Buyer, Contracts Manager, Site Manager and Clerk of Works while undertaking the build plus supervising and helping all the subcontractors.  In spite of a life spent in the architectural profession this turned out to be an impossible task and led to massive stress with periods of complete mental and physical exhaustion and an absence of an income during most of the build period.

If you cannot answer YES to the following questions then a developer led custom build home will be more suited to your requirements than a pure self build.

  • Are you able to spend a lot of time on site?
  • Do you feel confident in hiring, firing and negotiating deals?
  • Have you the organisational skills for a development project?
  • Can you dedicate enough time to research product selection and pricing, to ensure you have made the right component choices?
  • Have you learnt from experience where building projects can go wrong?
custom build house

Harvest House: A custom build home built by Czero Home in the village of Winstanswick in Shropshire.

With developer led custom build homes you will still have the freedom of choice to design and create a unique home. You can also choose how much physical involvement to have as most developers will have an option to suit your time and budget.

  1. Buy a serviced plot with the benefit of planning permission.
  2. Commission the developer to build your home to a watertight shell.
  3. Commission the developer to provide you with a complete home.

What you will not have with a developer led custom build home are some of the onerous / most problematic tasks associated with housebuilding such as;

  • The custom build development will have the benefit of planning permission.
  • Utility services will have been installed to the boundary of the plot.
  • Any necessary roads / footpaths will be installed by others.

Combine this with the fact that the developer will have;

  • Favourable supply contracts for materials.
  • Relationships with warranty providers.
  • An in-depth knowledge of materials / components together with their cost.


And then the custom build homes solution seems like a great opportunity.