Custom Build and Self Build Mortgages

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Custom build and self build mortgages for your house build project

Choosing the right self build mortgage lender for you will depend on your own financial circumstances – as with any mortgage, it is more expensive when you have to borrow a higher proportion of the cost of your build.  You will also find some lenders who are prepared to lend money in advance of each stage of the build rather than when each stage is completed, which can have a significant advantage to you.

Self Build mortgages are available through a number of lenders. A self build mortgage is different because the funds are released in stages rather than as a lump sum. There are two types of lending facilities that are available in the market:

Arrears stage paymentsMoney released when each stage has been completed and valued accordingly.

Advance stage payments Also known as ‘accelerator mortgages’ the money released prior to commencement of that stage. Buildstore Finance are the leading advance stage lender in the United Kingdom.

Many of the self build mortgages are offered by local lenders such as BM Solutions, Leeds Building Society, Norwich and Peterborough etc.

Check out our comparison table of lenders on our regularly updated Self Build Mortgage Lenders page.

Self build mortgagesIf you are proposing that your self build project will result in a sustainable / highly energy efficient home then look no further than Ecology Building Society. They offer suitable self build mortgage products with standard variable rate discounts available depending on the efficiency of your new home.

On the Ecology Building Society website they describe themselves as follows:

Our flexible mortgages are designed to support building practices that respect the environment and promote low-impact living. Our lending decisions are based on considerations such as energy efficiency, sustainable resources and positive community outcomes. This means we’ll often consider lending on new or less conventional ideas. At Ecology we embrace the unique!