Build Your Own House – Custom and Self Build

Congratulations that you have started on the journey to build your own house. We hope that the small step you have taken to look for more information will lead to you moving into the home of your dreams in the not too distant future.

Your introduction to self build and custom build homes with Build Your Own House

Research shows that more than half the population would like to build their own home at some stage in their lives.

Approximately 10,000 home owners per year turn this desire into reality.  Whilst the task to build your own house may appear daunting, there are a number of ways in which the process can be simplified.  It is estimated that only 5% of all people who currently build their own home are traditional self-builders, undertaking all of the work themselves.




Custom Build and Self Build

Traditionally, Self build describes projects where the people involved play a very significant part in the process and help organise the project, commission an architect or builder, or may do some of the construction work themselves.

A graph showing your time and costs in different methods of self build and custom build. Help for you to decide how to build your own house.

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The newly emerging custom build homes market takes the ‘self’ out of self-build and has a developer at hand to remove some of the barriers associated with building your own home, i.e. finding a suitable plot, obtaining planning permission, installing utility services and arranging elements of the build.  Custom build home plots will rarely be single one-off plots and are more likely to be small select developments of serviced plots with planning permission.

The graph to the side shows some ways in which a new home can be obtained in the UK.  There is generally a direct relationship between the amount of time you spend working on the project and the final cost of the home – doing more of the work yourself saves money, but costs time.

A small number of custom build developers exist within the UK market.  If you would like to build your own home but feel you have time / knowledge constraints their service will help you realise your dream.  Czero Home is a Midlands based developer whose service is outlined in further detail.